What is LineFi?

LineFi is the Wireless Advertising and Management Platform. In order to get internet, users must sign-in via their social accounts, by phone number or by subscribing. You will be able gather information about customer data through dashboard.

How much does the service cost?

The pricing model for LineFi is based on 1 Location License deployed. There are 3 plans for LineFi Service. Please contact with the Sales Team.

Is it possible to create ads banners in Login Page?

Yes, we make it possible to integrate the application Advertising Banners with LineFi to create custom dynamic banners.

What social networks are compatible with LineFi?

LineFi supports the main social networks such as: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Instagram and VKontakte.

What is Social Login?

The Social Login is a feature allowing end-users to register and authenticate to the Splash Portal directly through the access credentials used for the main social networks.
Currently the supported social networks are: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter,
Google+,Instagram, VKontakte

What is a Hotspot?

The Hotspot is a system allowing end-users to connect via WiFi to a Splash Portal belonging to a Venue, and then surf the Internet. The Hotspot is directly associated to an Access Point, which is characterized by a unique identifier corresponding to the MAC address on the device.

What languages are available on the Splash Portal?

We support the following languages:
English,Turkish and Russian

How many Splash Portals can I create?

There is no limitation on the number of Splash Portals that you can create, but keep in mind that you can assign only one Splash Portal per Location.